Friday, December 6, 2013

Giving is the best gift of all....

  The holidays are rushing past, our Christmas tree arrived today and I thought "... where has this wonderful year gone?"    Lots of great projects, wonderful clients, trips to San Francisco, a great trip to London and then North to visit family in Northern England and Scotland.
   My loved ones are all well and I feel blessed.  Thank you! 
   Not everyone's year has been easy and I think at this time of year ( all year, but this season especially) we should try to do a bit more.  It feels great and fulfills us in ways we do not understand.
    Last year, I (along with a wonderful group of associates) collected two cars full of knit garments, toys and gifts for the Richstone Center located in Hawthorne, California.  Richstone strengthens families and helps children who are being abused.  They work to make our community here in the South Bay stronger by working to prevent violence in families, schools and the community. 
     If you live in the South Bay and would like to make a donation here is "The Wish List"

   Check out the Richstone site for information on this wonderful charity.  
   Have a great weekend!  Enjoy your family, friends and community.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cle' Tile

   I love beautiful tile,  I love the originality, the history and the craft of tile.  When I start researching a
new project,one of the my first sources of inspiration is usually a special tile.
   Cle' tile, a Northern California based on line tile company has originality, artistic inspiration and creative forms of tile.  I love the Ruan Hoffman Moroccan inspired tiles.  I am specifying his beautiful "Indian Ocean" tile for a new project in Hermosa Beach, Ca.  Ruan's original art for the tiles were painted on postcard sized paper stock.  "A series of postcards from myself, to myself, about my life" is how he describes his artistic designs.
   The founder of Cle', Deborah Osburn has curated artists with original ideas on this fantastic site.  Thank you, Deborah!  Check out Cle's web site

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clare Vivier

  In 2008, I was just getting into "blogs".   I accidentally found a blog by a handbag designer in Silver Lake, Ca. Clare Vivier.    I have followed Clare's life as she navigated family and business. I watched her handbag business grow, purchased a few bags because I am supportive of Entrepreneurship and the blogs choose  to follow.  I liked Clare, she was married with a young family, juggling a new business out of her home and still maintaining a stylishly inspired life.  I could relate to Clare and enjoyed reading about her growing business, friends and family.
  She would fret over shoes, show her outfits, share her friends and family.  I was hooked!  As Clare's business grew into the Steven Alan shops and then Neiman Marcus...I cheered from the sideline.  This is a great story happening to a great gal who delivers a wonderful product.
  I was reading November  2013 Vanity Fair and there she is...I am so proud.  I am purchasing a new hand bag in her honor.  Thank you Clare, I love your hard work, determination, fashion sense and I love that you shared it with me on Social Media.

Clare Vivier

   You can follow Clare on twitter @clarevivier or on her blog

Be inspired!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Debra Turbeville

   I was perusing the New York Times Style section and saw that Photographer, Debra Turbeville had died.
Debra was an extremely talented photographer and her work was thoughtful and provocative. Her book
"Unseen Versailles" is one of my favorite books because it gives such a different view of Versailles than my eye or any other book on Versailles that I have ever read.  Debra's work makes you think, investigate and really see through her camera lens.

     If you get a chance check out her books and if you can purchase do!  You will not be disappointed.  I love her book on the Great mansions of Newport Rhode Island too.  "Newport Remembered"
    Keep looking and stay inspired.....
   Here is the link to the NY Times Style article

Monday, June 3, 2013

a little birdie told me...

Australian based KooKoo's stylized bird shaped postal boxes have great curb appeal.  These pieces
look great outside, but are so delightfully fun you may want them indoors.  Good design always surprises in a  positive and delightful way.

Bird Postal Box

Notice clever magazine/paper holder

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let there be LED

Light Photon by Philip Starck
  The Light Photon  with it's "organic LED head" and nude edges that show the purity of the glass while hiding any connecting techniques.  This is a warm, white colored fixture similar to the light from a halogen bulb.  I love the freshness of the design and the ability to angle (throw) the light as you wish in your space.

Kelvin by Antonio Citteno with Toan Nyugen
     The Kelvin is available in Orange (the new neutral) this year.  The fixture is very slim, gives great light and style to any desk top.  Let there be light!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Go Big or Go Home

One of my favorite lighting companies is Cerno.  Cerno's designs are contemporary, fresh and look 
fantastic and work in so many different installations (Contemporary,  Transitional,Craftsman, etc).  If you are going to ICFF in NYC, check them out, you are in for a treat!

I love this oversized light/art